Welcome To Sweet Geek Life!

Hi there and Welcome to The World of Tomorrow!  (sorry Futurama line), I mean Welcome to my Sweet Geek Life Blog!

My name’s Poh (silent ‘H’, so pronounce it Po from the Kung Fu Panda movie) and blogging has always been on my list to do for a while now. But I never knew where to start. So I decided that this year, I would make it one of my resolutions. My 2016 resolutions:

  • To start a blog ( Yeah I know, it’s the 15th January 2016. Great start to the blog right? Well i say better late than never)
  • Lose Weight (Kinda hard when I have so much Sweet goodies that I want to review, yeah just an excuse to munch on some snacks. ^_^)
  • Forget about someone that I had feelings for (That will be for another time, maybe?)

Hope your resolutions are good this year, we shall see if we follow through with them. Hopefully if we do it together, then we can tick them off our checklist. One of them is done for me, so YAY! Feels pretty good to complete one, though hopefully it won’t be one that I will give up.

First of all I’m a Blog Noob and proud of it. I would like to apologize for mistakes that I might make or if i keep changing the theme of the blog. ( There are so many different themes to choose from on here, finding the right one took me an hour)

Anyhoo, before I make this Welcome post a bit longer than it actually means to be. I thought I’d let you, the readers know. This blog will be filled with loads of fun reviews talking about:

  • Beauty skincare products from the UK, Korea etc, 
  • Candy from different places like Japan, America, UK etc
  • Geeky stuff that I just have to tell someone about
  • Random stuff that I will talk about from time to time

I’m gonna finish off here now before I think of other stuff to say and Thank You for reading this long boring post! Hopefully you will check out my other posts when I get to it.

Have a lovely day now!