Origami Hearts 💖 Tutorial Part 2

Hi there. Here’s Part 2 of my Origami Hearts tutorial. I was going to place them into 1 post but it seemed quite long. This tutorial shows how to make the Basic Heart. Check out Part 1 to create the small hearts here.

The 2nd basic Origami heart requires a square piece of paper preferably with the same colour on both sides of the paper, you will see why it’s better than having one coloured side paper. For the tutorial purposes, I have used one sided colour paper.

  1. Place the square piece of paper on the table and turn it 45 degrees to the right so that the square is in a diamond shape
  2. Fold the left corner of the diamond shape into the middle, then repeat with the right corner. Your paper should be the same as the photo
  3. Then take the corner that is in the middle and fold it to the end of the paper. Repeat the same action on the right hand side of the diamond.
  4. Turn the paper over, then take the left hand side of the newly created shape and fold into the centre. Repeat this on the right hand side to create a thinner diamond shape.
  5. Then turn the paper over and fold in half. Take the middle corner point on the left side of the paper and gently open to the left. The side should meet the edge of the paper. Repeat this on the right hand side, opening to the right side.
  6. Flip over the paper and repeat Step 5 again. You should have this shape at this step. Open up the paper and take the bottom corner that is touching the table and fold it into the middle. Then take both corners and fold it into the centre to create the bottom point of the heart. Turn the paper over and repeat the same step with the bottom corners.
  7. You should have a neatly folded heart which you can either write a message inside the middle of the heart (continue steps below) or you can glue the bottom tips together so it doesn’t open up.

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    If you would like to write a message then:

  8. Open the heart up, you should see the diamond shape inside the heart. Fold this down on both top and bottom sides to create room to write.
  9. Then write the message inside, and close the heart

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    In the end, you should have a heart that looks like this. As you can see, I have white tips on the top of my heart. This was the reason why it’s best to have the same colour on both sides of the paper. DSCN4788

Let me know if you have any problems or questions. Might try and do a video tutorial when I have the time. Hope you have fun making these hearts! If you tried this tutorial, remember to take a photo of your creation and share it on instagram with @sweetgeeklife so I see how well you have done! ^_^

Origami Hearts 💖 Tutorial Part 1

Valentine’s Day is only a day away. And for some that means trying to find some quick and easy last minute gifts or some last bits and bobs to add to your gift. I know that some people prefer handmade gifts and what better than receiving Handmade Origami hearts to show how much you love that person. Since I always make origami many hearts when it’s close to Valentine’s Day to give to people, I thought I’d show a quick tutorial to my readers to try themselves. Don’t they look lovely and it doesn’t even have to be for Valentine’s Day either, that’s what I love about Origami hearts since it can be used in various ways.

I thought I’d share some heart crafts that everyone can easily make even for those that don’t know how to do origami.

The first tutorial is for Lucky Hearts. For those that have heard of Origami Lucky stars or Origami Wishing Stars, then the tutorial should be quite familiar for you as it consists of the nearly the same concept. And for those that haven’t, Lucky stars are made using a long strip of paper which is then folded and pushed to create the star shape. Here’s a photo of some Lucky Stars that I have made:DSCN2518.JPG

(I love making them in different colours and it’s so much fun)

Anyway back to the tutorial, you’ll need strips of paper  (depending how many hearts you want, 1 strip makes 1 heart) roughly 1-2cm wide depending how big you want the heart to be. In the tutorial I have chosen to use 1.5cm wide and length being the size of an A4 paper so roughly 29.5cm. The colour of the paper can be your choice with it being coloured on either sides or just one side.

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  1. Place the strip of paper on the table (If your using one coloured side , the make sure the blank/white side is facing you when placed on the table)
  2. Starting on the left hand side, fold one corner to the top line as shown in the photo to create your first triangle.
  3. Fold the triangle to the right, making the same triangle shape again. Keep altering the triangle to keep wrapping the paper around the main triangle. Continue this making the same triangle shape until you get near the end of the strip, leaving 1-2 cm.
  4. With the leftover cm of paper fold a small triangle and slip into the previous slit of the triangle to secure the paper
  5. Along the longest edge of the triangle, push down gently in the middle to form the middle of the heart.
  6. Then flatten the two tops of the heart tips and cut a semi circle to the top points to create the desired heart shape tops

You should now have a small Heart ( well kind of. I wasn’t really perfect with my folding to make sure that it was close to the edge) which you can make more and place in a jar as a gift or as decoration.



Check out Part 2 for the other Origami Heart tutorial! Let me know if you have any problems or questions. Might try and do a video tutorial when I have the time. Hope you have fun making these hearts! If you tried this tutorial, remember to take a photo of your creation and share it on instagram with @sweetgeeklife so I see how well you have done! ^_^