Bloglovin’, Instagram & Pinterest!

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Hi there!

Yes that’s right, I’ve started making accounts in other forms of social networking. A bit late, but like I always say ‘Better late than never‘. 😜 So for those that prefer a particular social networking site,  you can still keep updated on what my blog posts are about. (Sorry about that Bloglovin’ link straight away, supposedly the link has to be on the top so I can link my account up to claim the blog etc)

Follow me on my Pinterest Account (though I’ve just started using Pinterest and not quite sure what I’m suppose to update yet): sweetgeeklife

Instagram Account (a closer look at my life & blog posts, might include a couple of cat pics every now and then :)) : @sweetgeeklife

Might include a Facebook page in the future, but will wait a while. Anyways hope to hear from you all soon!

Have a nice Day!