Geeky T-shirt Time!

Hey there!

So I’ve noticed that since I have started this blog, I haven’t actually posted anything that was geeky. Mainly because I wasn’t sure what kind of geeky thing I wanted to talk about first since there are so many things from my vinyl figures to books etc.(Sorry about that & sorry for those that are waiting for another skincare product review)

But anyways I thought I’d write a quick small post about Geeky T-Shirts. For those that like geeky stuff, there are so many shirts to buy especially if you know where to look. Personally I prefer t-shirts that are different and have unique designs, these are normally created by many different artists. These  are sometimes only available as a 24 hour shirt sale on such websites like teefury, qwertee, shirtpunch etc or can be purchased for much more money on tshirt websites. These are only a couple of websites that I purchased from, but there are so many to choose from.

Personally I prefer to purchase from Qwertee since I don’t have to worry about UK custom fees, since Qwertee is a company that is based in Ireland. So I don’t have to worry about making sure I’m within the customs tax’s limits which is £15 for anything stated as merchandise. It also means that delivery doesn’t take that long for items to arrive and I don’t have to worry about if the shirt will actually arrive. I have purchased from them many times and have never had a problem yet. (fingers crossed).

Qwertee is a company that sells limited edition t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies from many artists and features designs from many themes. Shirts range from £8-12 depending on what type you purchase.

  • If you purchase a 24 hour limited shirt, then it’ll be £8 + shipping costs, but fear not if you missed them like i do on occasion.
  • £10 shirts + shipping costs are normally the previous days shirts offer, so try and get it when it’s the first time).
  • The £12 shirts + shipping are the ones that are in their shop most of the time and  from time to time, they do go into the 24hour shirt sale time for a cheaper price.

These come in a large variety of sizes and you can even choose to have the design on a hoodie for £24 + shipping or a sweater for £15 + shipping.

But the best thing to look about for is their random shirt sale, where for a cheaper price of (£6) you can purchase a random shirts. I love doing that, and so far I have received some pretty good shirts with great designs. This is one of the shirts that I got as a gift from my sister, which you can still currently purchase from their website for £12. AHHH! I HAVE AN ALIEN INSIDE OF ME!DSCN472620160211_210917For those that might not be familiar with the design, the alien is from the film ‘Alien’ but can’t currently remember the artist that designed this (anyone know please let me know). And the best part of this shirt is, it GLOWS IN THE DARK.  (Sorry, couldn’t take a photo of it in the dark )

Anyways hope you enjoyed reading about where I get my Geeky Shirts. Let me know, if you like geeky shirts and where do you purchase them from? Want to see more of my geeky shirts, then let me know. 🙂


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