ETUDE HOUSE My Beauty Tool Lovely Etti Hair Band Review

Hi there!

Today I’m going to do a quick post about Etude House’s My Beauty Tool Lovely Etti Hairband! Etude House is a well known brand that produces girly cute products and is one brand that I like to look for when I’m searching for products. As you may have seen from various beauty bloggers and vblogs. Most of them seem to be wearing the Cat ear Hair band in photos. (I know a lot of readers will be a bit confused since Etude House calls it a hair band, where as I would call it headband. So I will be calling it hairband just for this post) And as a massive cat fan myself, I feel in love with the headband and immediately purchased one, why wouldn’t you. It has cat ears, people!

As I through my skincare routine or my mask time, my hair always gets in the way especially the small wisps of hair. So obviously the solution is to use a hair band, and why not let it be cute to make you feel happy when wearing it. So let’s get on with the review.

Price: £3-4 (from Korean seller) £6-9 (from UK seller). I purchased mine for £3.29 from a korean ebay seller called beautynetkorea they also have their own website

Packaging: well what can I say about the packaging, since I’m sure not many people really care about it. I’ll just keep it simple. It’s a plastic packaging with a pretty cute designs, with the heart doily pattern, spots and a little image of a cat. (not sure if you can see in the photo)

Directions: wear the Etti hair band to hold you hair up while putting on makeup or using a mask

My View:  IT’S SO SOFT! I love the material it’s made from, it’s very soft and has cute cat ears! The Hair Band is great, it does what it’s suppose to do which is to hold your hair up so using masks, skincare, makeup etc. And it does, especially since the band has a wider width unlike most hair bands it covers most part of the head. I prefer to fold it in half, since I’m not use to using a wide width hair band. Obviously if you have long hair, it’s best to tie your hair up when using it. (I was being lazy when I took the photos) There is only one size, but is said to fit all head sizes since the band has an elastic part which also helps with the band staying in place.  As mentioned before, I purchased mine from a seller called beautynetkorea, who dispatched the product very quick and was nicely packaged. It took about 8/9 days to arrive to me in the UK from Korea, which was very fast. And was sent in a small little box, which was nice since even though the product couldn’t break easily.I even received 2 free samples of Tony Moly Panda Dream’s White Hand Cream. I LOVE FREE SAMPLES!

Overall, the Etti hair band is VERY SOFT, CUTE & HAS CAT EARS! A+ in my book!

(Yeah I look a bit terrible in the photo, this is why I try not to take photos of myself)


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