🐡 Gong Hei Fat Choy! 🐡 πŸŽŠ

Happy Chinese New Year to all my readers!Β (even if you don’t celebrate it) For those that don’t know, today the 8th February 2016 is Chinese New Year! The Year of the Monkey!Β  πŸ’ The day where in my household it consists of many phone calls from relatives wishing ‘Happy New Year’, good food and red money envelopes. Truthfully our family doesn’t really do much for the new years since there isn’t really much to do especially if you don’t live near Chinatown in London. But like most people we celebrate with food, which I’m always grateful for.

So i thought I’d share with my readers some of the delicious Chinese New Year desserts that I’m enjoying today (though i enjoy these desserts all year round ^_^)

  • Gok Jai (many different spelling variations)-a traditional dumpling pastry filled with either a sweet or savoury filling that is deep fried. These were given to us by a family friend, who must know that I have a sweet tooth since they went with the sweet option. Yay! These Sweet Gok jai dumpling are filled with both white & black sesame seeds, dried coconut, sugar and peanuts. Traditionally these dumplings are fried, but nowadays many online recipes prefer to go with the healthy option of baking them. These are very simple to make and are very delicious with the sweet crunchy filling.DSCN4688DSCN4689
  • Jian Dui (also known as sesame balls)-a deep fried pastry sesame covered ball made from glutinous flour with a sweet filling. These were made by my mum, who loves to cook. With various sweet fillings to choose from, my mum prefers to make Sweet Sesame Balls with a red bean filling. The savoury option is something that my mum likes to do, though most sesame balls are sweet filling. My mum makes her savoury option for those that don’t like sweets, the filling includes chicken, carrots, water chestnuts & mushrooms. (would have photos of these but they were all eaten by the time I realized that I didn’t take any. You can always google search them )
  • Red Bean Nian Gao or Red Bean Steamed Cake (various names which I’m not sure which is the right-a steamed cake, well I say cake but it has the texture that is springy. This is since the Nian Gao is made of glutinous rice flour, which makes the cake chewy with red bean added to it for extra flavour. 20160207_210536

Hope you enjoyed reading about some of the Chinese desserts that are available. I’m stuffed from eating so much today by the time i finish writing this post. ^_^ Hope everyone has a nice day!


(My Chinese New Year Monkey Papercut)

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